Organic agriculture is the way to go for Ugandan farmers to earn more

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What distinguishes organic farming from conventional farming?
Organic farming respects the environment. Anything destructive, like chemical pesticides and fertilisers, is not encouraged, so the soil remains sustainable for generations.

 Soil is important because it is the foundation of any farming system. It is a living thing. Chemical fertilisers used in conventional farming are petroleum-based, and when applied, kill the micro-organisms which maintain soil fertility. If the micro-organisms are dead, how is the chemical fertiliser supposed to increase crop yields?

What fertilisers do organic farmers use?
There are fertilisers of natural origin, which are plant or animal-based. They include coffee husks, cow dung, manure or compost. 
Manure absorbs moisture and stores it in the soil, meaning that in a dry season of three months, the farmer can have water in the soil for at least a month. There are also natural-based fertilisers on sale in shops.

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